North QLD residents, Sandra and John Faletti, reflect on Cyclone Debbie and their significant claim with Achmea.

The Falettis, who own a sugarcane business in Proserpine, said that prior to 2014, they had not had anyone visit them on farm for more than a decade. Achmea’s  Alison Treston has worked with the Falettis since 2014.

The property has been in the family since 1924 and was run by John’s grandfather. He was born and raised on the farm, where he now lives with his wife. Their three sons are involved in the harvesting side of the business.

In March 2017, tropical Cyclone Debbie hit near Airlie Beach as a category four event which caused widespread damage from Townsville in Queensland’s north, to Lismore in New South Wales.

Achmea is the best insurance company and we have told many locals about the service we received from them during and after Cyclone Debbie.

– John and Sandra Faletti

Sure not to under-insure. 

John said they would not be in the position they are in today had they not taken the time to review their policy annually. Along with a substantial amount of crop damage, the Faletti’s lost their machinery shed and had water damage throughout their residence. John Faletti commented, saying:

“Prior to undertaking annual reviews, our machinery shed was underinsured. This means there would have been a shortfall in the rebuild costs which would have affected us financially. Our shed was replaced very quickly which allowed us minimal down time to complete the maintenance on all our machinery prior to harvest.”

Sandra said people tend to go for the cheapest insurance and think it will cover their needs, but when things go wrong it can be quite devastating to realise you haven’t accurately insured your assets. It’s very important you are insured with the right type of insurance at the right Sums Insured.

“We were concerned about how we were going to complete the maintenance on our machinery, however the day after the cyclone had passed, we had an assessor and Achmea on our doorstep ready to assess the damage sustained”, Sandra said.

Achmea’s Alison Treston, also commented on the importance of updated farm insurance, saying:

“If the Sums Insured have not been updated for several years, they’re unlikely to reflect the accurate value, which means farmers may be underinsured. What people often don’t realise is that when a building is underinsured, in the event of a partial loss, they may run the risk of only receiving a portion of their Sum Insured.”

people tend to go for the cheapest insurance and think it will cover their needs, but when things go wrong it can be quite devastating.

– Sandra Faletti

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