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Achmea Bushfire Risk Mitigation Series – Part 2

The bushfire season has started early and it’s predicted to be much worse than normal. Authorities say this is the worst start to the Queensland bushfire season in recorded history and the summer outlook suggests that conditions are unlikely to improve. Additionally, with dry ground, the threat of instant grass fires from lightning strikes poses an increased risk on previous years.

As Australia’s specialist farm insurer, we are here to support our farmers. Protecting livelihoods through proactive risk mitigation is at the heart of Achmea’s approach to farm insurance.

Over the next few weeks, Achmea Farm Insurance Specialist Mark Vayro will share his risk mitigation strategies to help minimise the risk of bushfires damaging your properties.

Next up on Achmea’s Bushfire Risk Mitigation Series: how to create safe zones for hay storage. 

Now is also a good time to review your farm insurance. We are encouraging farmers to consider whether they have adequate cover should the worst occur?

Contact us today for an on-farm review of your insurance. At Achmea we visit every farm we insure, so you can tap directly into our 200 years of farm insurance expertise.



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