Disaster Risk Reduction with Achmea Farm Insurance

Achmea marks the United Nations’ International Day for Disaster Reduction

Today is International Day for Disaster Reduction, an important United Nations initiative. Committed to protecting and enhancing agricultural communities, Achmea farm insurance actively supports greater risk awareness and disaster reduction. Reflecting on the recent deadly bushfires in northern NSW which have devastated local communities, Achmea Farm Insurance Specialist Allan Cowan said impacted farmers shared three common themes.

1. You always think this might happen to somebody else, but it can happen to you.
2. When conditions are hot and dry, anything will burn. Nothing is safe.
3. The speed and unpredictability of the fires. They are ferocious and hot, and catch everyone out.
For more than two centuries, Achmea’s lending hand has helped farmers protect their livelihoods. Find out more about our commitment to risk reduction.
As emergency chiefs warn of a dangerous summer of fire ahead,  we were saddened to hear that tragically two people lost their lives in the bushfires. Our thoughts are with all those affected.
Please stay safe and continue to follow the warnings issued by local authorities.