Achmea Australia Keeping Farmers Farming Video Series

To help support the resilience of our sector in these unprecedented times, we are proud to launch the Achmea Keeping Farmers Farming series. In these series, we will be sharing some important risk management strategies, stories from our clients and insurance insights to help protect the livelihoods and business continuity of farmers around the country.

The Achmea Keeping Farmers Farming series is available on our social media channels.

Our priority as Australia’s specialist farm insurer is to protect our people, clients and communities so our farmers can continue to produce fresh food and fibre for Australian families – particularly through these difficult times.

Achmea Senior Farm Insurance Specialist Stuart Maidment kicks off the Achmea Keeping Farmers Farming series with a video and focuses on storm damage and the importance of adequate fencing cover. If you can’t afford to take on this risk yourself we encourage you to consider adding fencing to your policy.

Accurate insurance is adequate insurance
The destruction caused by the recent catastrophic bushfires has reinforced the importance of adequate and up-to-date insurance. Inadequate or under-insurance can leave farmers significantly financially exposed.

Recent figures from the Insurance Council of Australia show up to 80 per cent of homeowners could be under-insured, leaving people financially exposed and unable to rebuild if something unexpected happens

Regular reviews of your farm insurance needs can help reduce the risk of under-insurance and can ensure that you have the cover that is right for you.

With insurance not always top of mind for farmers, it is important to review, and where necessary, update your insurance at least once a year.

Farmers cannot afford to be over or under-insured, do you have the right cover in place should something unexpected occur?

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