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Help prevent burst water pipes with our risk mitigation strategies

A bitterly cold snap has hit large parts of Australia and now is the time to keep an eye on your water pipes. “A burst pipe can cause significant damage. As temperatures drop, the chances of a burst water pipe skyrocket,” says Craig Edgerton, Achmea’s Farm Insurance Specialist for farmers across the Central Tablelands & Central West regions of NSW.

Craig shares some of his risk mitigation strategies which can help prevent burst water pipes.

Insulate pipes located on external walls and pipes in ceilings with foam sleeves, as these pipes tend to be most exposed to freezing temperatures.

  • Keep an eye on the weather – unlike most claims you will be alerted to freezing temperatures – pay particular attention to the wind chill factor.
  • If abnormally cold temperatures are expected overnight, consider turning on your hot and cold water taps to a trickle– even a drip can prevent a pipe from bursting. To save water, fill up your bath and re-use to top up your toilet. Just don’t forget to turn off in the morning.
  • Inspect for and seal any cracks or gaps around pipes to prevent cold air from entering.
  • If you’re going away for more than a couple of days, turn off the water and also turn of any domestic water pumps. You don’t want to get back from holidays to see water flowing out under your doors!
  • Have a neighbour or friend check the house while away.

If you find that water is not running or a pipe has burst

  • Turn off your water supply to prevent further damage. Make sure everyone in the family knows how to do this.
  • Turn on all your taps and flush the toilet to drain water from the pipes.
  • If water damage is near electrical wiring – be safe and turn the electricity off at the switch board.
  • Contact a plumber and your insurance company ASAP.
  • Before throwing things out, take photos and document your loss.

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