Achmea Farm Insurance

There are enough challenges during bull sale season without adding the risk of not insuring your genetic investment.

Protecting yourself and your assets is important and it’s a fact Lachlan James, Co-principal of Wallawong Premium Beef in Gunnedah, New South Wales, knows all too well.

Lachlan recently caught up with Achmea’s NSW Business Development Manager, Stu Maidment as part of Achmea’s Keeping Farmers Farming series. 

COVID-19 presented some challenges for Wallawong’s annual bull sale on July 9th 2020, but they still held their on-property sale, compliant with health restrictions, as well as using an online auction platform.

They went to the effort of videoing all the bulls for the sale, which were available for viewing by the buyers via an online platform.

“COVID has pushed us in that direction, but we do think it’s important for the buyers to be able to see those bulls, not only in photographs, but also in video,” Lachlan said.

Bulls can easily injure themselves and Lachlan said they recommend their buyers protect and insure their assets at the fall of the hammer.

“If we buy a new stud sire, we’ve obviously invested some money so we quite often get bull insurance to cover that six to 12 month settling-in period,” Lachlan said.

“We do everything we can on-farm to make sure the bulls are healthy and fit and we do semen testing and everything else for the buyers, but whenever you take a new animal to a new environment, there can always be things that happen.