Poultry Farm Insurance

Help reduce the risk of fire in poultry sheds – by Achmea Senior Farm Insurance Specialist Poultry Sector Leader Karla Otto.

Our priority as Australia’s specialist farm insurer is to help support the resilience of our sector so our farmers can continue to produce fresh food for Australian families – particularly through these difficult times.

As part of our recently launched Keeping Farmers Farming Series, our Senior Farm Insurance Specialist and Poultry Sector Leader Karla Otto talks about the importance of reducing the risk of fire in poultry sheds.

“A fire in a poultry shed still remains one of the biggest threats to your livestock and your business continuity. If a shed is constructed from non-fire retardant EPS and ignites, the result is almost always complete destruction and can often spread to neighbouring sheds. Even a small fire can result in big financial losses including loss of livestock and lost profits. Installing fire resistant material with any renovation or new shed build can help reduce the risk of fire in your poultry sheds and protect your business.”

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