Achmea Risk Specialist Alison Treston

The 2019 Queensland sugarcane crush has commenced and our Senior Risk Specialist Alison Treston is encouraging farmers and the general public to be extra vigilant to avoid collisions with cane trains.

“As farmers, we drive around six months of the year without the cane trains so extra awareness is needed,“ Alison said.

“It’s a legal requirement to give way to cane trains at all times and it’s important to be reminded how dangerous they can be,” she said.

Not only are they unable to stop quickly to avoid a collision, quite easily a cane train can come out of the paddock almost out of nowhere. When hailing a full load of bins, the average 40-tonne loco can weigh up to 1,000 tonnes.

“This can pose significant risks particularly early in the morning and late afternoon when the sun makes it harder to see,” Alison said.

“Our message is to be aware, take extra care at all times and slow down when crossing the rail network.”