Farm Insurance Specialist

Wayne Ash

Wayne Ash

Brisbane QLD

“Have car, will travel” is an unofficial motto for Wayne, who loves nothing more than getting out to the regions for on-farm visits.

Having built a successful career across agribusiness, finance and insurance sectors in both Queensland and New South Wales, Wayne’s knowledge of agriculture and insurance is vast.

His passion for agriculture was sparked at an early age, as Wayne grew up on a cattle property before heading off to study at Yanco and Wagga Agriculture Colleges.

In his corporate career, Wayne has worked for the Commonwealth Bank of Australia and WFI Insurance at management levels and most recently worked as an insurance risk consultant for a private firm.

Joining Achmea as a Farm Insurance Specialist was a prime opportunity for Wayne as it offered the perfect fit for his passion and skill set.

“I really enjoy getting out on the road and liaising with clients and establishing relationships, but for me, the real test is not getting a client on-board, it’s when they make a claim that matters,” Wayne said.

“That’s when you are truly invested. You want peace of mind knowing that you have done the right thing by them, so everything will be smooth for them during that process.”

Wayne has made a significant contribution to community services over the years, notably as a volunteer firefighter for which he received a national medal for his 23 years of service. He has been an active member of both Apex and Lions Clubs.

Based in the Hinterland, outside of work Wayne enjoys spending time with his family, gardening, renovating houses and travelling around Australia.