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At Achmea Australia we work with our clients to prevent and manage risks across five categories: buildings, inventory, business interruption, vehicles and liability. And our All-in-One Farm Pack allows you to tailor your cover to your precise needs.We are your dedicated agricultural insurance company committed to reducing your risks and premiums. Click here to watch a short video  introducing Achmea Australia.



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I have recently transferred all my farm and general insurance to Achmea. After using an insurance broker for the past decade I was pleasantly surprised to find that Achmea’s premiums and policies reflected the needs of our mixed farming operation.

During this short time of being a client, I have had claims relating to vehicle, home and personal items. Their claim procedures are straight forward and handled by their local representative, who does the liaising with the head office in the eastern states.

The fact that Achmea is not a small insurance company starting out in Australia, but is in fact part of a world wide organization, gives me confidence that my insurances are underpinned with sound management.

Peter J, W.A.

We are really happy with the level of ongoing support and service through our Risk Manager Harvey. Changing over to Achmea has given our business a big saving in costs and the creation of a Risk Report for the farm is very useful!

Jenny and Lachlan Y, S.A.

We operate a 1,800 ha cropping enterprise with a 1400 self-replacing merino flock and a small manufacturing business. Over the years we were reasonably happy with our previous insurer but frustrated with climbing premiums.

After changing to Achmea we were very happy with the ease of access to our local representative Craig for claims, additions and any questions, we were happy with the quality of the policy and extremely happy with the price compared to the competition.

Achmea fits our business well covering contracting, livestock and fencing, plant and machinery sheds and houses and crop.

Jamie W, NSW

Achmea has been a fantastic change for our business. Apart from being more cost effective than its competitors, our local representative encourages us to view our assets in a different way, ensuring we have the right cover for each asset. We really appreciate having an insurance provider that adds value.

Rob McL, NSW

We have found our Risk Specialist very approachable and have been provided excellent personal service. Since being with Achmea we have saved a considerable amount on the farm insurance premium paid.

Daryl J, NSW


The transition from our old insurers to Achmea was painless. Holly was excellent in getting the exact insurance cover and excesses we needed and love the way Achmea insurance is tailor made for us. Fantastic customer service and a pleasure to deal with. Thanks.

Lucy R, WA

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