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2016 Winter Crop Insurance

Soon we will be releasing our innovative 2016 winter crop insurance. Click here to register your interest and we will email you information shortly.

Winter Crop Insurance

2016 Winter Crop - Register your interest now

If you would like to receive information on our innovative winter crop insurance, use the registration link above and we will be in contact soon.

Achmea was founded in the Netherlands in 1811.

Achmea was established over 200 years ago when 39 farmers put money into a glass jar, to be compensated in case one of them had a ‘Hooibroei’, a haystack fire.

Those 39 farmers worked to support each other and minimise the risks and threats faced by each other’s farms, not just their own.

Their commitment to a truly mutual approach to insurance remains alive and well in Achmea today.

Achmea is a mutual insurer.

Today, Achmea remains a mutual business, committed to the philosophy of our founding farmers.

Our glass jar represents the mutual spirit of co-operation and partnership that still drives us.

That mutual spirit is why we are focused on reducing risk, not just insuring against it.

2016 Winter Crop - register your interest now

If you would like to receive information on our innovative winter crop insurance, email us your details and we will be in contact soon.


Achmea is at home in Australia.

Achmea Australia is a new insurer for Australia’s unique farming community.

We can offer Australian farmers a much better deal, reducing both their risks and their premiums.

Insurance that is not just cheaper but also better for farmers and the continuity of their farms. That’s our bottom line.

Achmea Australia believes in trust and transparency.

With around thirteen million clients worldwide, we are one of the world’s largest mutual insurers.

We make the same straightforward commitment every time we do business: genuine partnership based on trust and transparency.

We will never lose sight of why we are here and why 39 farmers established Achmea over 200 years ago.

We exist, above all, to keep farmers farming no matter what. Helping farmers manage and insure against risk is what drives us.

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