The Achmea Group at a glance: from 39 farmers 200 years ago, to
13 million clients worldwide

Achmea in Australia

For more than two centuries, our lending hand has helped farmers protect their livelihoods. Protecting livelihoods through proactive risk mitigation is at the heart of our approach. In Australia, we are proud to be completely dedicated to farm insurance. Committed to protecting and enhancing agricultural communities, we proudly visit every farmer we partner with to help protect their livelihoods.

Achmea’s growth in Australia has been consistently strong. Our 2018 and 2019 nominations as Finalist Direct General Insurance Company of the Year demonstrates our growing reputation in the market.

Achmea is also an associate of Rabobank, ‘Australia’s most recommended agribusiness bank’.

Achmea History

Achmea Australia is part of the Achmea Group which was established more than 200 years ago when 39 farmers put money into a glass jar, to be compensated in case one of them had a ‘Hooibroei’, a haystack fire.

Those 39 farmers, 200 years ago, supported each other and worked together to minimise the risks and threats faced by each other’s farms, not just their own.

Their commitment to a truly mutual approach to insurance remains alive and well in Achmea today. Through its brands, the Achmea Group has supported the Netherlands in becoming the world’s second largest agricultural exporter.

Achmea’s strong growth shows that as an insurer, we are actively responding to changes in societies and client’s expectations, whilst cherishing our co-operative heritage and adhering to the same co-operative principles we started with that we can achieve more by working together.

Achmea Worldwide

With more than 13 million clients and nearly 14 thousand employees worldwide, the Achmea Group is active in its home country the Netherlands and five other countries including Australia. In the Netherlands, the Achmea Group is the largest insurance provider. General insurance (including motor, vehicle and home insurance), health and income protection insurance are its core areas of expertise.

In addition, the Achmea Group offers life insurance and banking products (which are primarily designed to complement the Achmea Group’s insurance products such as mortgages and other consumer credit products and general deposit products).

The Achmea Group also ranks within the top three of the most sustainable insurance companies in the Netherlands, looking at the group’s investment policies. When it comes to transparency and responsibility, the Achmea Group also performs at top-level.

For more information please refer to the Achmea Group website.