achmea risk mitigation

On-farm risk mitigation can help build resilience and can keep unexpected repair bills and premiums down.

At Achmea farm insurance, we’re proud to be different from every other farm insurer in the country. We believe not every risk needs to be covered by insurance. For more than two centuries, our unique approach has been to work together to keep farmers farming. Protecting livelihoods through focusing on on-farm risk mitigation is at the heart of our approach.

Backed by more than 200 years of experience, we are committed to working together and reducing farming risks. We believe reducing risks can keep unexpected repair bills and premiums down.

As Australia’s specialist farm insurer, we have launched Achmea Bushfire Risk Mitigation Series, designed to help farmers manage on-farm risks ahead of, and during, these unprecedented fire conditions.

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FIND MY Farm Insurance Specialist

Equipped with a unique understanding of local farming conditions, your local Achmea Farm Insurance Specialist will walk your farm as part of our on-farm review of your insurance.

Together with you, we walk the farm to review your buildings, sheds and machinery including the contents and inventory. We discuss risk mitigation strategies to help identify hazards and avoid losses before they occur, keeping your repair bills and premiums down. For those risks that can’t be eliminated, you can tap into Achmea’s 200 years of expertise in farm insurance. With Achmea, you decide what you need and how you need it – giving you greater control over your premiums.

Committed to protecting and enhancing agricultural communities, we focus on helping you protect the continuity of your farming operations. In the event of a claim, we focus on making sure your business is affected as little as possible.

Bromelton couple Susan and Andy Shay are behind a free-range poultry farm and made the switch to Achmea farm insurance several years ago. Susan said there had always been the discussions about risk mitigation and using knowledge from other parts of the world to make sure that they were safeguarding their livelihoods.

Their local Farm Insurance Specialist, who partners with farmers in South East Queensland.

“One of our Senior Farm Insurance Specialists from the Netherlands, Marco, joined me in the lead up farm visits. We identified with Susan and Andy that we needed external alarms and also visual alarms. And of course, to their credit, they went ahead and actually installed them which was great,” Karla said.

In March 2017, tropical Cyclone Debbie hit their property. Susan said “the contact from Achmea Australia and the assessors has been second to none”.

“You know, that’s one of the things in these kind of events that is at the forefront of people’s mind is that ‘what will be the response of your insurance company’ and for us Achmea Australia have ticked all the boxes right from the beginning”.

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