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We’re proud to work with communities across Australia and support clients all over the world.

Achmea Australia CFO and COO Mark Vlaminckx

Business Interruption cover to help protect farmers' livelihoods

Help protect your livelihood with our Business Interruption cover Mark Vlaminckx (pictured), Chief Financial and Operations Officer at specialist farm insurer Achmea explains how our business interruption cover can help you get back on track if something unexpected happens. “At Achmea, we believe farmers cannot afford to be over or under-insured. Insurance is one of […]

COVID-19: Questions and Answers

In our COVID-19 Questions and Answers, we explain how we are helping to protect our people, clients and communities. We acknowledge these are challenging times we are living in right now. The impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic are far-reaching, and it is our priority to keep our people, clients and communities safe while giving you […]
Achmea Keeping Farmers Farming Video Series

Achmea launches Keeping Farmers Farming series

To help support the resilience of our sector in these unprecedented times, we are proud to launch the Achmea Keeping Farmers Farming series. In these series, we will be sharing some important risk management strategies, stories from our clients and insurance insights to help protect the livelihoods and business continuity of farmers around the country. […]

Successful 2020 GenAngus Future Leaders announced

Successful 2020 GenAngus Future Leaders have been announced by specialist farm insurer Achmea and partner Angus Australia, with the full list of successful participants below. Together with our partner Angus Australia, we are pleased to announce that ten young members of the beef industry have recently been selected for the 2020 GenAngus Future Leaders Program. […]
Bushfire-destroyed farm land

Financial assistance for bushfire-affected clients

Financial assistance for bushfire-affected clients We are offering financial assistance and emergency accommodation as required for the safety and well-being of our clients who have been impacted by the fires and had to submit a claim. Notify us a claim Call 1800 724 214 Email Online using our form As Australia’s specialist farm insurer […]

Help prevent burst water pipes

Help prevent burst water pipes with our risk mitigation strategies A bitterly cold snap has hit large parts of Australia and now is the time to keep an eye on your water pipes. “A burst pipe can cause significant damage. As temperatures drop, the chances of a burst water pipe skyrocket,” says Craig Edgerton, Achmea’s […]

Achmea Bushfire Risk Mitigation Series - Part 3

To help support our farmers, we have launched the Achmea Bushfire Risk Mitigation Series by Farm Insurance Specialist Mark Vayro. Watch this week’s video now which is all about fire danger ratings. There’s an increased fire danger across northern NSW as well as Queensland, with warnings of high temperatures, strong winds and severe thunderstorms in […]

Reduce your risks during harvest

Backed by more than 200 years of experience, Achmea farm insurance is committed to reducing on-farm risks. We believe reducing risks can keep unexpected repair bills and premiums down. 2019 has been another difficult year across major broadacre cropping areas of Australia. But for those that do have crop to harvest and with harvest underway in […]
Bushfire Australia

International Day for Disaster Reduction

Achmea marks the United Nations’ International Day for Disaster Reduction Today is International Day for Disaster Reduction, an important United Nations initiative. Committed to protecting and enhancing agricultural communities, Achmea farm insurance actively supports greater risk awareness and disaster reduction. Reflecting on the recent deadly bushfires in northern NSW which have devastated local communities, Achmea […]

Achmea Bushfire Risk Mitigation Series – Part 2

The bushfire season has started early and it’s predicted to be much worse than normal. Authorities say this is the worst start to the Queensland bushfire season in recorded history and the summer outlook suggests that conditions are unlikely to improve. Additionally, with dry ground, the threat of instant grass fires from lightning strikes poses […]
Achmea sheep

Achmea launches livestock theft awareness campaign

As reported by the Stock & Land this week, there has been a sharp increase in livestock theft and rural crime. The latest farm related crime figures [June 2019] by the Victorian Crime Statistics Agency indicate that in the last five years, there has been a 63 per cent increase in the number of reported […]
emma thomas

The important contribution of women in agriculture

In celebration of #InternationalWomensDay today, Achmea recognises the resilience and strength of women on the land. "Diamonds are formed under pressure", says Achmea CEO Emma Thompson. "...We are seeing female leadership emerging".

Peter Nicholas from Achmea with client Andrew Preston

Seven strategies to help prevent haystack fires

Seven strategies to help prevent haystack fires As Australia’s specialist farm insurer, we are all about reducing risks to keep farmers farming. We expect to see many hay sheds being filled in preparation for the seasons ahead. Spontaneous combustion is one of the leading causes of haystack fires. Now is a good time to review the […]
Peter Broekman and Emma Thomas

“Enormous potential for Australian glasshouse industry”

There is enormous potential for the Australian glasshouse industry according to Peter Broekman, Operational Director of Hagelunie, the leading Dutch specialist glasshouse insurer in Europe. Achmea has an international team of dedicated insurance specialists who travel to Australia from the Netherlands on a regular basis. This morning CEO Emma Thomas was thrilled to welcome Peter to Achmea […]
Farm Insurance Specialist Gerard Bennett with potato and sheep farmer Garry

Gerard Bennett with Crookwell farmer Garry Kadwell

Our Farm Insurance Specialist Gerard Bennett is on farm today with fourth-generation potato and sheep farmer Garry Kadwell at his Grabben Gullen farm near Crookwell. Mr Kadwell’s family have been farming since 1901 and made the switch to Achmea several years ago. They produce around 2000 tonne of seed potato and run up to 1800 […]
the big dry farmers

Partnering with farmers to combat the big dry

“The drought is unprecedented, it’s the worst I have seen in all my years on the land,” she says. “The wait for rain continues and we sit down with each and every farmer to talk about what matters most to their livelihoods.”

achmea supporting farmers-walcha

On-farm approach to insurance

Our Farm Insurance Specialist Stuart Maidment has been in Walcha today and said it’s the one-on-one partnership approach that farmers value the most about Achmea. Because the better we get to know the farm, the better we can support farmers to protect it.

Merino rams sold in Canberra

Merino rams sold in Canberra

Stephen Burns, Stock & LandA top price of $5000 was achieved twice during the 72nd annual Great Southern Supreme Merino ram sale, with 35 of the 56 rams on offer being sold.
How to keep costs down while protecting your cotton business

How to keep costs down while protecting your cotton business

Keeping an eye on cost, and checking key expenses from time to time, including farm insurance when an opportunity arises, is "a critical part of running a farming business," according to Wee Waa cotton grower and 2017 Nuffield Scholar Daniel Kahl. Daniel said for insurance to be cost-effective it's important your policy is flexible, remains relevant and provides the right level of cover for the things that you don't have an appetite for covering yourself.

ACHMEA Allan Cowan

Angus Australia and Achmea: a multi-year partnership

Angus Australia and Achmea have a multi-year partnership to keep farmers farming. In this article, Farm Insurance Specialist Allan Cowan describes Achmea’s multi-year partnership with Angus Australia and how its unique insurance offering helps to provide peace of mind. By Allan Cowan, Farm Insurance Specialist with Achmea for farmers across the New England, North West […]
2018 Achmea Employee of the Year

2018 Achmea Employee of the Year

Congratulations to our National HR and Client Services Manager Elyse Haines who received Achmea’s Employee of the Year Award 2018 at Achmea’s annual conference.

Running Dry – interview with Insurance News

Running Dry – interview with Insurance News

Achmea CEO Emma Thomas and Dubbo Farm Insurance Specialist John Malone spoke with journalist Bernice Han from Insurance News magazine to talk about the devastating drought and Achmea’s direct partnership with farmers.
2018 National Achmea Australia Conference

2018 National Achmea Australia Conference

The theme of Achmea Australia’s 2018 National Conference was Spring Harvest and we reaffirmed our commitment to keeping farmers farming – both in good times, and during adversity and change.

Backing women in agriculture

Backing women in agriculture

Nearly 100 women from the New England region showed us there’s a real appetite to achieve greater equality for women in Australian agriculture at a recent Leadership on the Land symposium hosted by Achmea Australia.

NSW Fire and Emergency Services Levy

The NSW Government has advised that the Fire and Emergency Services Levy (FESL), which was due to be removed from all NSW insurance policies on 30 June 2017, is to remain being collected via insurance policies.
Achmea Australia CEO Emma Thomas

Achmea Australia appoints Emma Thomas as CEO

Achmea Australia is excited to announce the appointment of its new Chief Executive Officer, Emma Thomas. This announcement comes after the news that current CEO Timo van Voorden is returning to the Netherlands.

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