These farmers have made the switch to Achmea farm insurance. Read their testimonials and find out first-hand about their experience with us.

Achmea Insurance testimonials


We are proud to bring you these testimonials from our clients

We had not had anyone visit us for many years and the fact the Achmea had come to our farm prior to offering us a quote was very comforting that they knew our business and assets.

Mr and Mrs Faletti, Proserpine QLD.

We love what we do. And we do what we love. Achmea share the same passion.

Trevor Hall, Midway Cattle Co, TAS

What is different about Achmea’s approach to insurance is that I got better coverage across a wider range to cover that ‘once-in-a-life-time claim’, and with our higher excess it makes our premiums cheaper. Achmea certainly is more competitively priced compared to the opposition, whom I had been insured with for more than 20 years.

Dairy farmer Paul Weir, Tuncester (NSW)

Jon Murphy, Murphy Fresh, greenhouse insurance

Achmea’s knowledge of the industry really sets them apart from other insurers in the country.

Jon Murphy, Murphy Fresh

Susan Shay chook farm insurance

Achmea have ticked all the boxes right from the beginning.

Susan Shay, Bromelton Free Range Poultry, QLD

A lot of companies underestimate face-to-face, they just don’t take the time – they are just happy to take your premium every month. That’s not what Achmea is about. Our Farm Insurance Specialist is all about that personal touch. That means a lot, having a Farm Insurance Specialist come out on your farm, have that cup of tea, and willing to take the time and listen to you – that’s so important.

Peter Graham, dairy farmer from Coraki (northern NSW)

You’ve got to form relationships with people that support your business. The good insurance companies are like a good bank… Once you sort one out, you tend to stick with them.

Trevor Hall, Midway Cattle Co, TAS

Our vehicle was repaired to a high standard and thank you and Achmea for your prompt handling of the matter.

P Quilty, NSW

Thanks for the prompt handling and settlement of this matter in the first place – it allowed us to move on very quickly and get a replacement vehicle…

Robert, NSW

Wow, thank you so much for your continued efforts with this claim.

S Dubey, NSW

Thanks, happy with that and the way you have handled everything. Next time I buy a bull I will be insuring with Achmea again.

P King, TAS

Thank you! Over the years, I have not made many claims but I can honestly say this has been the easiest and most efficient experience I have had dealing with an insurance business. Again, my thanks.

P Bourne, VIC

Achmea’s strong growth shows that as an insurer, we are actively responding to changes in societies and client expectations, whilst cherishing our co-operative heritage.