We have been lending a hand to farmers for over 200 years

More than two centuries ago Achmea began as a group of Dutch farmers supporting neighboring farmers. Their commitment to a mutual approach to farm insurance remains alive and well today.

It is our job to be there when you need us.

As a specialist agricultural insurer, we know the most important thing is to be there for you when you need us. Over the years we have supported farmers around Australia through the toughest times. We form strong relationships with the farmers we support with and our business is built on those relationships.

These farmers have made the switch to Achmea. In our significant claims stories, our clients share what happened.

Significant Claims Stories from our clients.

Paul Weir

Dairy Farmer, Tuncester NSW

I’m a fourth generation dairy farmer and I have been milking here on my current farm for about 25 years. In mid-2018 I discovered that one of my milk vats had ruptured. There was too much pressure in the vessel and the vat started to leak…