Client story: Paul Weir


Dairy Farmer, Paul Weir, retells his significant claim story:

I’m a fourth generation dairy farmer and I have been milking here on my current farm for about 25 years.

In mid-2018 I discovered that one of my milk vats had ruptured. There was too much pressure in the vessel and the vat started to leak. I certainly was surprised it was leaking, I had never experienced that before. It was such a unique claim — that model vat has a good reputation. 

The real worry was a potential crack in the metal which may result in a contaminated milk due to bacteria. You may get a strain and because the milk is regularly tested, the milk may get rejected. 

It was good to know I was covered. Had I not taken out this cover, I would have had to take out a loan for another vat — a considerable expense. Particularly with the pressures of the current drought, I was very relieved to have this covered.

Achmea certainly is more competitively priced compared to the opposition, whom I had been insured with for more than 20 years.

– Paul Weir

When the time came to claim. 

Through Rabobank, I had known the local farm insurance specialist for several years. It’s a relationship I value, so I said, “Allan, make sure to come over to the farm and give us a quote.”

Allan is a fair dinkum guy, you can trust what he says. Most farmers choose to deal with people they find trustworthy, confident, and you have that rapport with. Life and business are about relationships.

You’re always looking to cut costs. The last 12 months of my 25 years as a dairy farmer is the toughest it’s ever been. But even in drought, there’s some things you just can’t cut — insurance is one of them. Achmea is good value for money, and there have been too many natural disasters and you hear the horror stories you’re not insured. In the end, it’s all about risk management and I’m not prepared to take on this kind of risk myself.

What is different about Achmea’s approach to insurance is that I got better coverage across a wider range to cover that ‘once-in-a-life-time claim’, and with our higher excess it makes our premiums cheaper. Achmea certainly is more competitively priced compared to the opposition, whom I had been insured with for more than 20 years.

In conversations about insurance, I have always recommended Achmea and given Allan’s number, so they can see for themselves.

– Paul Weir

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