In our COVID-19 Questions and Answers, we explain how we are helping to protect our people, clients and communities.

As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve in Australia, it remains our priority to keep our people, clients and communities safe while giving you peace of mind that Achmea Australia is here for your farm insurance needs.

For over 200 years, the Achmea Group has supported its clients and the community. Being part of the Achmea community means we strive together in good times, and support each other during times of adversity and change.

Throughout these uncertain times, our commitment to our purpose of keeping farmers farming has never been stronger.


How is Achmea Australia responding to COVID-19?

Our Crisis Management Team continues to meet regularly to closely monitor the latest advice and developments regarding COVID-19. We are here to support our clients while we respond to the situation as it evolves.

Our pandemic business continuity plan is designed to help keep our people, clients and communities safe while giving you peace of mind that Achmea Australia is here for all your farm insurance needs.

Through the integration of technology, we have ensured uninterrupted service delivery throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.


I would like to get a quote for my farm insurance, can I still contact you and will a local Achmea Australia Farm Insurance Specialist be able to visit me on farm?

Our Farm Insurance Specialists continue to be available to meet with you on-farm, only if neither of us have been impacted by a lockdown and/or stay at home orders. If you would like a quote for your farm insurance, simply fill out our online form and we will get in touch with you shortly. You can also call us on 1800 724 214 to schedule an on-farm appointment with us.

We will use hand sanitiser before going on-farm and we will only enter the home and sit for a cuppa if it is safe or in line with public safety regulations to do so and we are both comfortable with this.

By adhering to the government’s restrictions, we endeavour to provide you with a thorough and smooth process all the same. And our commitment to keeping farmers farming remains unchanged.

Before we meet in person on farm, we confirm the following yes/no questions:

Have you and/or a close contact recently:

  • experienced any symptoms of COVID-19 (fever, coughing, sore throat, fatigue and shortness of breath)?
  • travelled to a place which has been identified by your state government as a COVID-19 exposure site; and/or
  • been tested for COVID-19 and are awaiting the result?

We kindly ask you to reschedule your farm appointment with us if you have answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions. These precautions are important for both your safety as well as the safety of our people.


How has Achmea Australia supported its clients?

We continue to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients and assist them with all their farm insurance needs. Our clients can have confidence in knowing that while our people are working remotely, we are operating at full capacity. We are continuing to process claims and changes to insurance requirements.

To help support the resilience of our sector in these unprecedented times, we have launched our Keeping Farmers Farming series, available through our Facebook page. In these series, we share important risk mitigation strategies, stories from our clients and insurance insights to help protect the livelihoods and business continuity of farmers around the country.

Achmea Australia’s Farm Insurance Specialists from across the country discuss different topics across the industry, including storm damage and adequate fencing cover, how to reduce the risk of fire in poultry sheds and the importance of livestock insurance with livestock prices reaching historic levels.


Will Achmea Australia be able to continue to process claims and update my insurance requirements?

Whether you have just recently joined Achmea Australia or have been part of our community for several years, please contact us to discuss your insurance requirements and lodge claims as necessary.

Over the years, we have invested significantly in our insurance platform and processes which means our employees are able to work remotely to ensure uninterrupted service delivery.

In the event of an unexpected disruption, we will have the ability to add and deploy extra measures to continue our service.

You can have confidence in knowing that we are not only able to continue our services and operations, but that we also remain committed to upholding the highest standards of confidentiality and integrity.


Will my policy with Achmea Australia cover any claims arising from or related to COVID-19?

COVID-19 has been identified as an infectious disease that is spreading quickly. The virus has been declared a Pandemic by the World Health Organisation (WHO), as it is communicable and may cause significant harm to human health.

We assess all claims in accordance with the terms, conditions and exclusions in our All-in-One Farm Pack Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).

Our PDS excludes claims arising from, related to or associated with infectious diseases identified by the Biosecurity Act 2015 Cth or other equivalent state, territory or federal legislation.

As such, if a claim arises or is related to COVID-19, this exclusion applies, and cover is excluded.

If your cover arises from an event unrelated to COVID-19, then we will assess this in accordance with our terms, conditions and exclusions.

For more information and to understand what is excluded from your policy with Achmea Australia, please refer to the relevant PDS which is available from the ‘Downloads’ section of our website, or contact us if you have any questions about your cover.


How is Achmea Australia protecting its people and communities?

As COVID-19 continues to evolve in Australia, it is our priority that we put our people first to ensure everyone’s safety and well-being. As an employer, we have prioritised the safety and well-being of our employees, and have provided extra support during these difficult times.

Since March 2020, in addition to government restrictions, we have put in place a range of precautionary measures to protect our employees, clients and communities:

  • If any of our employees experience flu-like symptoms, they are asked to postpone any farm visits and get tested immediately.
  • To help minimise the risk posed by overseas travel, we have temporarily suspended international travel for our people for business purposes. We have also limited domestic travel to business-critical travel only.

These measures reflect our ongoing commitment to protect agricultural communities, and we thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


I would like to update my insurance requirements or lodge a claim over the phone or via email, how can I contact Achmea Australia?

Your Farm Insurance Specialist is supported by our experienced Claims and Farming Services Teams. Whether you need to make a claim or a change to your insurance requirements, we are here to assist. Please contact us using your preferred method of communication below.

Check or update your policy
Phone: 1800 724 214
Email: [email protected]
Or you can use this online form to check or update your policy.

Notify us of a claim
Phone: 1800 724 214
Email: [email protected]
Or you can use this online form to notify us of a claim.


How can I prepare my farm for COVID-19?

Whether it is COVID-19, floods or bushfires, farmers have to actively deal with, and plan for, external risks to help protect their businesses.

Business continuity planning in times like these is essential.  For more information on how to prepare your farm, please read ‘Achmea’s COVID-19 precautions for farmers‘ article.

The better businesses can anticipate and prepare for the challenges, the more resilient our communities will be.

If there is anything we can do to help support your resilience during this time, please contact us on 1800 724 214 or via email at [email protected].


Who can I contact if I have any questions in relation to COVID-19 and Achmea Australia’s response and cover?

If you have a question for us and the answer is not listed here please email us at [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

We are here to assist.



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