GenAngus February 2019 Angus Australia


Angus Youth and Achmea Australia, Australia’s specialist farm insurer, are pleased to announce that applications are now open for the 2021 GenAngus Future Leaders Program.

The GenAngus Program will provide ten Angus Australia members and two New Zealand Angus members with the opportunity to participate in a customised leadership program to help them in increasing their knowledge and confidence to launch a new or further develop an existing beef enterprise.

Participants will attend an intensive three-day workshop with industry professionals, with ongoing access to support from business mentors during the 12-month program.

Angus Australia Breed Development Officer Jake Phillips calls for those who have a demonstrated interest in developing their business and leadership skills to apply for the program.

“The Achmea GenAngus Future Leaders Program is gaining momentum towards becoming the pinnacle event on the Angus Australia calendar for 18-40 year-olds with an appetite for leadership development and business improvement skills,” Jake said.

After the success of the inaugural 12-month leadership program which commenced in Sydney in 2019, the 2020 Program was postponed due to COVID-19 which means both the 2020 and 2021 GenAngus Programs will run concurrently with a total of 24 young leaders participating in the program this year.

“The 2021 GenAngus program is taking shape and will offer something for everyone at all levels of knowledge. It is undoubtably going to sow the seeds for success across a number of business fundamentals. This course is highly regarded by our previous GenAngus participants.”

The GenAngus program is designed for individuals seeking further knowledge, skills and confidence on a range of elements associated with conducting a successful business. The program for 2021 is outlined on the Angus Australia website and includes key elements of business skills success, marketing and communications, Breeding and Genetics for Beef Cattle, teamwork, leadership and creating key networks. The topics covered during the event will be:

  • Mindset and Strengthening Belief /Financial Fundamentals
  • Risk Management and Insurance
  • Your Beef Market – The Top Five Impacts
  • Marketing now and into the future
  • Improving your herd with Genetics
  • Resilience and Succession
  • Media and Communications
  • Case Study: Auctions Plus – The Business

To be eligible for the program applicants must be an Angus Australia member aged 18-40 years old and currently running or about to enter into a business, with a demonstrated commitment to the beef industry and the Angus Breed.

Achmea Australia Chief Executive Officer Emma Thomas is delighted to extend the farm insurer’s support for the GenAngus Program again in 2021 through its multi-year strategic alliance with Angus Australia.

“The 12-month GenAngus Program is a rich leadership experience aimed at supporting the development of young talent into emerging beef industry leaders,” Emma said.

“The start of this decade will always be remembered for a succession of extreme challenges in Australia. Drought, catastrophic bushfires, cyclones, hailstorms and the outbreak of a global pandemic have had major impacts on agricultural communities,” she said.

“Initiatives such as the GenAngus Program are important in ensuring our future leaders are supported in their growth, and also prepared and empowered to manage future challenges effectively, ultimately enabling them to protect and enhance their agricultural communities,” Emma said.

For further information with regards to the GenAngus Future Leader Program and the application process, please visit the Angus Australia website or contact Angus Australia Breed Development Officer Jake Phillips at [email protected].