Farm Insurance Specialist

Jessie Bessant

Jessie Bessant

Gold Coast QLD

A Queenslander through and through, Jessie Bessant grew up in Cairns before settling on the Gold Coast to pursue a career in insurance.

With a strong background in sales and customer service, Jessie spent some time living and working in Victoria working in the superannuation sector before returning to Queensland, where she took on an insurance specialist role.

It was in this role that Jessie gained valuable experience in home, contents, landlord and motor vehicle insurance.

Craving more, when the opportunity arose to join Achmea Australia as a Farm Insurance Specialist, Jessie was drawn to the company’s ethos.

“Achmea’s values and passion to keep farmers farming really appealed to me,” Jessie said.

“Being able to meet with farmers face to face, walk their farms, hear their stories and be there in their need of time when something happens is something I am very passionate about.

“Growing up in Cairns, I have seen firsthand the devastation that catastrophic events can cause to people, homes, and farms. I have been through many cyclones and floods, so I think being able to understand that perspective really helps.”

Located at Palm Beach, Jessie will be assisting clients in South East Queensland which encompasses a diverse and unique agricultural industry.

If you are interested in discussing your farm insurance needs in the South East Queensland region, please contact Jessie to find out more.

Achmea Australia can help you with farm insurance in the following areas:

To find out more about how we can assist you with your farm insurance needs, contact Jessie today.