Farm Insurance Specialist

Melinda Smith

Horsham VIC

Our Farm Insurance Specialist in Horsham, Victoria is Melinda (Lindy) Smith.

With a background of working in roles supporting the community, Lindy is passionate about connecting with local farmers in Horsham and the Wimmera and Mallee regions.

Previously Lindy worked in a customer support role, supplying farmers with production inputs and connecting them with specialist agronomic advice, as needed.

Born and bred in Horsham and now raising her family in town, Lindy supports her partner with his broadacre farm, running sheep and growing crops including wheat, barley, grain and canola.

Reflecting on the local community of Horsham, Lindy said what appeals to her is that you connect with people easily because it’s a small town and everyone supports each other.

“I enjoy working with farmers, building a rapport and supporting them in their work,” Lindy said. “In this role as a Farm Insurance Specialist, it’s about getting to know the client and what they need, and I enjoy the positive experiences I’ve had with our local farmers.”

“At Achmea Australia, we actually go out and meet with clients on their farm. I enjoy connecting with local farmers by understanding their work and providing support so that they can protect their farming business.

“I have found our local farmers want someone local. I know the area and the local community, and my clients know that if they need me, I am here to support them – along with the rest of the Achmea Australia team,” Lindy said.

In her spare time, Lindy is a qualified rowing coach and enjoys rowing competitively along the Wimmera River.

If you are interested in discussing your insurance needs in Horsham, and the Wimmera and Mallee regions, contact Lindy today to find out more.