Farm Insurance Specialist

Phil Kite

Phil Kite

Townsville QLD

Phillip Kite is Achmea Australia’s Farm Insurance Specialist for the Townsville region of Queensland.

Phil has extensive knowledge and experience in both agriculture and insurance. From a young age, Phil has fostered a deep understanding of the issues that are important to farmers.

“Being born and bred on a sheep and grain property in southern NSW, my passion has always been dealing with and helping farmers,” said Phil. “This background has also allowed me to comfortably engage with farmers regarding their goals, risks and concerns.”

With approximately 10 years’ with Achmea Australia, Phil has gained valuable insights into the specific insurance needs of Queensland farmers. His additional 22 years of experience in rural lending, particularly specialising in sugarcane, further enhances his understanding of the financial and insurance aspects of the agricultural sector.

“Farmers have many challenges on the land. My aim is always to support farmers by offering financial and insurance solutions so that they can protect their hard earned and valuable assets,” said Phil.

“In my role as a Farm Insurance Specialist, I combine my expertise with empathy and a commitment to assisting farmers, offering dedicated support for their insurance needs. Leveraging Achmea Australia’s on-farm insurance approach, I am fulfilling my passion by directly helping farmers and agricultural communities.”

Phil develops strong relationships with his clients, based on trust, positive collaboration and tailored solutions to their insurance needs.

If you are interested in discussing your insurance needs in the Townsville region, please contact Phil today to find out more.