Dairy Farm Insurance

Tailored farm insurance cover for dairy farmers

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It is important to protect your assets and business continuity by choosing your cover carefully. Together we combine our dairy farm insurance expertise with your knowledge of the farm to discuss risks which may include but are not limited to Livestock Cover, Transit Cover and cover for Milk spoilage due to machinery breakdown of your milk vat.


Peter Graham, dairy farmer from Coraki (northern NSW)

Peter Graham, dairy farmer from Coraki (northern NSW)We’ve been operating our dairy for 14 years now and we’ve been with the big insurers previously, but they were just getting too expensive. It has been at least six years since we have seen an insurance agent or a broker come to our farm.

Trying to get claims processed out of our previous insurers was like pulling teeth – a very difficult and long process.

Our Achmea Farm Insurance Specialist, visited our farm just over two years ago, she walked around our farm and asked questions to get a better understanding of what we needed to be covered for. She went through the farm package with us and explained everything in detail. Her ability to relate to the dairy sector was excellent and it was a very smooth, hassle free conversation.

That one-on-one approach that Achmea provides, not only gave Achmea a better understanding of us, but also gave us a better understanding of what Achmea is about.

Achmea certainly was cheaper, we ended up with a cheaper premium and more items covered. Our private vehicles weren’t covered in our farm packs from other insurers but with Achmea, our family car is now on the same policy. I find that to be quite refreshing and much easier. Comparing policies, there was a lot of difference and Achmea was in front, even when it came to adding our private car to our policy.

The Achmea claims process has – by far – been more streamlined than our previous insurers.

A lot of companies underestimate face-to-face, they just don’t take the time – they are just happy to take your premium every month. That’s not what Achmea is about. That means a lot, having a Farm Insurance Specialist come out on your farm, have that cup of tea, and willing to take the time and listen to you – that’s so important.

Our previous insurers weren’t offering milk tanker contamination policies, and one of the bigger agri-insurers took a long time to come to the table and didn’t offer it until I pushed it.

When you deal with large volumes of milk, and have 38,000 litre milk tankers, that’s a lot of money if something goes wrong. To be able to have a milk contamination clause in your policy, that is a safe way to do business and with Achmea we’ve got peace of mind.

With the day-to-day challenges of running a dairy business, there’s enough to think about.

Time is the biggest thing, and we’re all time poor. With Achmea, it’s all done in the one place and it’s one less thing to think about.

Although Achmea’s premium was cheaper for us it was much more than that, their focus on agricultural insurance, their connection with Rabobank as well as their understanding of dairy puts them in front of the rest.