Poultry Insurance

Tailor our All-in-One Farm Pack to the unique needs of your poultry business

We offer global expertise and local knowledge to help protect your poultry assets

We combine our poultry insurance expertise with your knowledge of the farm to discuss insurance options including but not limited to:

  • Business Interruption Cover;
  • Guarantee against Underinsurance to cover your buildings in line with the correct market value, irrespective of potential inflated replacement costs, and
  • Accidental death of poultry.

Our All-in-One Farm Pack allows you to tailor your cover and insure what matters most to your livelihood. We offer three levels of cover and for each item, you determine what level of excess is appropriate.


Bromelton Free Range Poultry – Cyclone Debbie

Bromelton couple Susan and Andy Shay are behind a free-range poultry farm, supplying 1.49 million chickens to the domestic meat market each year. The Shays established the farm on the site of the old family dairy of Ms Shay’s parents Brian and Judith Manderson at Bromelton House Road. The site is still the family home and a beef grazing and lucerne farm for the Shays, who are raising their four children as the fourth farming generation on the property.

Cyclone Debbie

“Everything was affected by the flood waters”

In March 2017, tropical Cyclone Debbie hit near Airlie Beach as a category four event with wind gusts of up to 225 kilometers an hour, which caused widespread damage from Townsville in Queensland’s north, to Lismore in New South Wales. The insurance industry received nearly 74,000 claims and with insured losses amounting to more than $1.7 billion, Cyclone Debbie was Australia’s second most expensive cyclone.

“We had been observing the water levels in the rivers and around our property from early afternoon. We were like “we think it’s going to be ok”, and it was almost in an instant that the water went from just being outside the clothes line to being above our knees,” Susan said.

“We made the decision to bring one of the trucks back off the road, and we sat in there hoping that the water wouldn’t get any higher. To wake up and see essentially this whole locality an ocean… was just extraordinary,” she said.

Susan said when finally, the water had gone down, everything was affected by the flood waters.

“The first thing that we did once we were back on dry ground hot a cup of coffee and a shower was to make contact with Achmea Australia,” she said.

Tapping into Achmea’s international risk mitigation expertise

Susan said there had always been the discussions about risk mitigation and using knowledge from other parts of the world to make sure that they were safeguarding their livelihoods.

Putting clients first

“The  team have been in regular contact with us, making sure that all of our needs have been met along the way,” Susan said.

“The contact from Achmea Australia and the assessors has been second to none.

“You know, that’s one of the things in these kind of events that is at the forefront of people’s mind is that ‘what will be the response of your insurance company’ and for us Achmea Australia have ticked all the boxes right from the beginning”.