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Our global experience and reputation in glasshouse insurance means you can tailor our insurance to suit your unique needs.

Together with our Dutch glasshouse insurance experts from Hagelunie, the leading Dutch specialist glasshouse insurer in Europe, we regularly visit our glasshouse clients across Australia. Hagelunie is part of the Achmea Group, one of the largest and strongest insurers in Europe.

We offer tailored glasshouse insurance and are committed to protecting your livelihood and business continuity.

Familiar with the latest glasshouse technologies, building methods and construction materials, Achmea provides an invaluable source of knowledge to the Australian protected cropping community. And for protected cropping businesses, that international expertise combined with hands-on guidance and support from our local Farm Insurance Specialists create a vital layer of extra protection for our clients.

Achmea is also backed by the strong capital and credit rating position of the Achmea Group which supports the lives of 13 million people worldwide.

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Our All-in-One Farm Pack allows you to tailor your cover and insure what matters most to your livelihood. We offer three levels of cover and for each item, you determine what level of excess is appropriate, so you have greater control over your premiums.



“Enormous potential for the glasshouse industry in Australia”

Our CEO Emma Thomas recently welcomed Peter Broekman, Operational Director of Hagelunie, one of the leading Dutch specialist glasshouse insurers in Europe to Achmea in Australia.

Hagelunie is part of the Achmea Group, one of the largest and strongest insurers in Europe. Hagelunie works with local construction companies and suppliers and is closely involved in innovations and developments in glasshouse horticulture.

“There is enormous potential for the glasshouse industry in Australia. Through our dedicated Australian team and international glasshouse insurance expertise, Achmea is uniquely placed to help the industry continue its growth in Australia,” Mrs Thomas said.

“Peter is in Australia to collaborate with our local team so that we’re able to act as quickly as possible to help get growers back up and running after an event,” she said.

We sat down with Peter to talk to him about his visit to Australia.

What brings you to Australia?
I would like to get an impression of the glasshouse sector in Australia, I’ll be travelling through NSW, Victoria and South Australia over the coming weeks to visit Achmea’s glasshouse clients and other industry leaders. I’ll be collaborating with the local teams including underwriting and claims and visiting large horticulture businesses in Australia.

I’m very interested in how risks are managed here in Australia and how we can take some of that knowledge back to the Netherlands and vice versa.

What’s currently top of mind for growers?
What we are seeing is more intense weather events. As an insurer, it is important to talk with agribusinesses about how they can proactively mitigate their risks. I look forward to talking with Australian growers to find out what keeps them awake at night and how we can apply our expertise to their business to help protect their continuity. On 23 June 2016, we experienced one of the biggest hailstorm events in the Netherlands, with hailstones the size of tennis balls. What we saw was major destruction across the sector.

With a hailstorm this big, there is only so much you can do to prepare as a grower.

The lesson learnt is that it does take effort to rebuild. Because of the supply and demand of the rebuild, it affects both the cost of the material and labour. So, it’s important that clients are prepared so they have enough glass in stock, an agreement with a local repairer and also adequate insurance.

I’m always talking with growers about how quickly they could get back into business. In our experience, it pays to take a long-term approach to this. Rebuilding usually does take longer than expected. Can you afford to be out of business for a year? To manage these disasters, appropriate Business Interruption cover and a dedicated Guarantee against Underinsurance cover need to be part of the discussion.
Because as a grower, when you can’t repair, you also risk your valuable crops.

What is the value you, as the leading Dutch insurer for the glasshouse sector, are bringing to the market in Australia?
Our expertise in glasshouses in unsurpassed. For example, we have dedicated loss adjusters and more than 50 crop specialists. We have built up so much expertise in the Netherlands and it’s fantastic that we are expanding to countries including Australia so that Australian growers can rely on our knowledge.

Our focus on prevention helps mitigate losses before they occur, keeping repair bills often to a minimum. And then we look at which risks a grower is unable to mitigate, and that’s when insurance comes into play. Australian growers are very capable of managing their own risks and it’s great we can add value to this through our 100 years of experience. Whether it’s through damage limitation or crop-salvaging activities, it’s all about getting operations up and running again as quickly as possible. No matter what mother nature brings.

We’re all about partnerships and our expertise sees us involved in the early design stages of glasshouses.

Our involvement in the prevention side of glasshouses starts at the design where we sit down with builders to deliver a high-quality sustainable glasshouse with reliable heating and irrigation systems and built-in preventative measures.

As an insurer it’s invaluable that new glasshouses are of a superior standard. For the grower, our involvement gives them peace of mind that their insurer is an active participant in the whole process – from concept to delivery and rebuild (should it be required).

This is unique and something which we are proud to support Australia with.

Active in 6 countries, Achmea is the holding company for a group of insurance brands including Hagelunie and Achmea Australia.

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