Emma Thomas Achmea Australia CEO Adam Kay Cotton Australia CEO

Cotton Australia and farm insurer Achmea Australia (Achmea) have announced a new strategic alliance that recognises cotton growers’ contribution to a sustainable future for the Australian cotton industry.

The new alliance will support cotton growers through an insurance reward for those who are certified through the Best Management Practices program (myBMP), Cotton Australia’s voluntary farm and environmental management program.

Cotton Australia’s myBMP program has resulted in widespread interest from across the cotton industry through providing tools for cotton farmers to:

  • develop safer farm workplaces and healthier natural environments;
  • reduce input costs;
  • keep pesticide use to a minimum;
  • maximise water use efficiency, and
  • protect and retain native animals and vegetation.

The Australian cotton industry is well placed to take advantage of demand for sustainably produced cotton through its focus on best practice and sustainability.

Cotton Australia CEO Adam Kay said the new alliance provides a positive incentive for growers.

“This new strategic alliance with Achmea recognises sustainable risk mitigation practices and this will result in an insurance reward for cotton farmers who are fully certified in the myBMP program and are Achmea clients,” Mr Kay said.

“By attaining certification in the myBMP program, growers can have confidence they are operating at the highest level and contributing to a more sustainable and resilient Australian cotton industry.”

Achmea CEO Emma Thomas said Achmea and Cotton Australia have a shared interest in helping cotton farmers to succeed.

“With a vision to protect and enhance agricultural communities, we see enormous value in working alongside the cotton industry to promote the importance of risk awareness and loss mitigation measures,” Mrs Thomas said.

“Aligned with our purpose of keeping farmers farming, we are proud to support myBMP-certified growers because they are best practice-certified in workplace health and safety initiatives, thereby protecting their livelihoods.”

The insurance reward is a premium discount offered by Achmea for its All-in-One Farm Pack to eligible cotton farmers who are certified through the myBMP program*. To contact Achmea, visit www.achmea.com.au, via email at [email protected] or on 1800 724 214.

*Terms and Conditions apply.