Why a Risk Specialist

We don’t sell insurance through brokers. Instead, we have farm Risk Specialists, located throughout rural Australia, who live and breathe farming. They go the extra mile to walk the farm with you. Because the first step in helping you protect your farm is getting to know it. Whether you’re in poultry, dairy, livestock, cropping, horticulture or glasshouses, our Risk Specialists are backed by 200 years of international farm insurance expertise.

Equipped with a unique understanding of local farming conditions, Achmea’s Risk Specialists will walk your farm as part of our on-farm review of your insurance.

Together with you, we’ll review all your buildings, sheds and machinery, including contents and inventory. This can help identify hazards and losses before they occur, keeping your repair bills and premiums down.

We combine our expertise with your knowledge of the farm, to give you a fair quote. After all, no one understands your farm and business better than you do.

Let Achmea walk the farm with you and discover farm insurance – the way it should be done.